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Changes to the Sex Offender Registration Law are set to take effect January 1, 2008.

The federal Adam Walsh Act (AWA) was passed in 2006.  One of the provisions requires all states to change their laws to match the AWA to provide consistency across the county.  Ohio is the first state to enact legislation that brings our sex offender registration laws into compliance.  The classifications (names) of offenders has changed.  AWA uses Tier I (sexually oriented), Tier II (habitual) and Tier III (sexual predator).  The new legislation required the Ohio Attorney General to reclassify each Ohio registered sex offender to the new definitions, which resulted in many offenders being moved to a different category.  Other changes within the Tiers are longer periods of registration, shorter times to register and additional information being required of the offender.  After January 1, 2008, each new offender will be classified in the appropriate Tier by the use of a chart of offenses.   Previous law required a court hearing with the final classification being decided by the judge.  Also new in the law is the addition of pre-schools and day care centers to the 1000 ft residential rule.   The Ohio AG was required to notify each offender in writing of the change in their classification.  Each offender has sixty days from receipt of the letter to file an appeal in Common Pleas Court to contest any change in their classification.

Please follow this link to compare the previous offender classifications to the new ones.

Tier I Offender  A person who has been convicted of one of the offenses listed under the Tier I chart.  These registrants are required to verify their address annually for a period of fifteen (15) years.  Those persons who were required to register prior to January 1, 2008 for a period of ten (10) years (sexually oriented offender) will have their registration time extended to meet the 15 year requirement.

Tier II Offender A person who has been convicted of one of the offenses listed under the Tier II chart.  Persons in this classification are required to verify their address every 180 days for a period of twenty-five (25) years.    Those persons required to register prior to January 1, 2008 for a period of twenty years (habitual sex offenders) as well as any offenders whose classification changed to Tier II will have their registration time extended to meet the 25 year requirement.

Tier III Offender A person who has been convicted of one of the offenses listed under the Tier III chart.  Persons in this classification are required to verify their address every 90 days for life.  These offenders are subject to community notification within the geographical notification area as defined by law.  This area is defined as the school district boundary in which the offender resides.

All registered offenders are required to follow these laws pertaining to registration:

* Must give at least a twenty (20) day notice prior to a change of address

* In addition to the residence, must register employment, school or institution of higher education

* Not permitted to establish a residence within 1000 feet of a school premises, preschool or child day-care center.   The law does not provide a criminal penalty for an offender who violates this section but provides a means through a civil process in which a judge may order the offender to move.

* Must register all vehicles (including motor vehicles, boats, aircraft, ATV, recreational, trailers, motorcycles, etc) that the offender owns, registers, operates as part of his/her employment or regularly has available to operate; any e-mail addresses, Internet identifiers and telephone numbers registered to or used by the offender.

Community Notification includes: any occupant of each residential unit within one thousand feet of the offender's place of residence that are located within the county served by the Sheriff.  Many other persons also receive notification by mail.  These include Children Services, school superintendent, college superintendent, child day-care centers, type A and type B certified family day-care homes within the specified geographical notification area.   

Public Records Request -Certain information on registered sex offenders is available under Ohio's Public Records law.  Information may be obtained for registered offenders in Highland County by coming to the Sheriff's Office between the hours of 8AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday.  A link to our registered sex offenders is provided below and constitutes a public records request.  NOTE: We display photos of these registered sex offender.  Persons convicted in Juvenile Court also fall under sex offender registration just like adults.  Ohio law prohibits juveniles from being displayed on web sites.  

If you wish to read the entire law, click on this link: chapter 2950

Only those persons who are required to register and have fulfilled their requirement by law are listed.  The Highland County Sheriff's Office assumes no liability for damages, directly or indirectly, as a result of errors, omissions or discrepancies. Every effort is made to keep this page current; however there might be times when an offender may be registered and not yet listed on this site.

Search by school district or select "all" to see every registered sex offender in Highland County.   

PLEASE NOTE:  A recent court decision has changed some aspects of the Adam Walsh Act.  This included several offenders convicted prior to the act having their registration status reversed back to the former Sexual Predator, Habitual Sexual Offender, or Sexual Oriented Offender.  Additional information will be posted soon.  To view the current offenders and their status, please choose "ALL".  The school district information and individual offender pages will be updated in the near future.  You may also visit the Ohio Attorney General's SORN website to check the status of an offender.  Thank you.



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