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Are You O.K.?

Elderly or disabled individuals can feel safer and more secure knowing that they can depend on a daily telephone call to confirm that all is well.  Sheriff Ron Ward and the Highland County Sheriff's Office are providing a free service for senior citizens or disabled persons who are living independently in Highland County.  The program, ARE YOU OK? Telephone Reassurance System, a product of the Northland Innovation Corporation, is a computerized telephone system that will make daily calls to subscribers at the time each day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with the subscriber choosing the time of their call.  If the subscriber is O.K., he/she simply hangs up the phone after hearing the pre-recorded message.  If the subscriber does not answer, or the line is busy, one more attempt will be made before the computer puts out an "ALERT" report to the 911 center of the Sheriff's Office.  At this point, the Sheriff's Office will either contact a person of the subscriber's choice or dispatch a deputy to check on the subscriber.  This service is free of charge and the only requirement is a subscriber registration form be filled out and filed with the Highland County Sheriff's Office.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Highland County Sheriff's Office at 937-393-1421.  A registration form may be printed from this site, filled and mailed to the Sheriff's Office.

ARE YOU O.K.? Waiver and Registration form


For more information, follow this link to the Are You O.K.? homepage:

Are You O.K.?


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