Inmate Accounting

Inmates are not permitted to possess money while incarcerated. For each inmate with money at the time of booking, or who receives money while incarcerated, an inmate account will be established. Inmates may use their account to order items from our commissary menu twice per week. Inmates are not permitted to obtain items by any other means.

Money may be sent to an inmate account in one of 3 ways. Chose whichever method is easiest for you.

To add funds via the internet, goto Mastercard and Visa only.

By telephone: 866-345-1884, Live bilingual agents available 24/7. Mastercard and Visa only.

By US Mail: All funds must be in the form of a money order or certified check made payable to the inmate and sent via the US Postal Service.

In person:
We DO NOT accept cash or money orders during visitation hours.
(Cash or Credit Card) Lobby Kiiosk
(Money Orders) By US Mail only
Upon receipt of funds, it will be credited to the inmate’s account. We do not accept personal checks.

Upon release, a debit card will be issued to the inmate. When an inmate is released outside of business hours and does not receive a debit card, a check will be mailed to the inmates last known address.

Inmates are not permitted to release any funds from their account without approval.