Concealed Carry

The Highland County Sheriff’s Office accepts concealed carry applications Monday-Friday 8am – 4pm. No appointment is necessary to turn in an application. Please call ahead to determine if the office is open on federal holidays.

Fees for concealed carry license applications are as follows:
• New license, Ohio resident for 5+ consecutive years $67
• New license, Ohio resident for less than 5 years $77
• Renewed license, Ohio resident for 5+ consecutive $50
• Renewed license, Ohio resident for less than 5 years $60
• Replacement license $15
• Emergency License, Ohio resident for 5+ consecutive years $37
• Emergency License, Ohio resident less than 5 years $47

Payment can only be made in the form of cash, check, or money order. The exact amount needs to be brought in for cash payments. Fees for concealed carry license applications are non-refundable.

You do not need to provide a passport photo. We will take your photo at the time of your application.

Please make sure you put your FULL, LEGAL name on your application. It is a legal document and what you put on your application will be printed on your license.

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply for a concealed carry license from the Highland County Sheriff’s Office:
• Be 21 years of age or older at the time of application
• Be a legal resident of the United States
• Be a resident of the State of Ohio, and a resident of Highland County or an adjacent county (Adams, Brown, Clinton, Fayette, Pike, Ross) OR present proof of employment in Highland County (current paystub)
• Completed the required training of an 8-hour certified firearm program within 3 years prior to your application date. Your competency certificate is required at the time of application and will be returned to you.
o The 8-hour training is waived if you present proof of an honorable discharge from the military in the last 10 years (DD-214), or present proof of Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy Certification within the past 10 years.

Online Training Classes: If you completed your training course online, you must also complete a minimum of a 2-hour in person handgun course with an instructor. You must bring in your certificate from both the online portion and the handgun course. The online class alone does not meet the requirements set forth in the Ohio Revised Code. Please note that online courses from any state which Ohio does not have reciprocity, will not be accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to ensure you meet all the criteria, and have not committed a disqualifying offense prior to applying. By Ohio law, there are multiple disqualifying factors, which could be for criminal history, mental status, training, or residency reasons. If you are unsure if you are eligible, it is recommended to speak to an attorney before applying. You may find a list of disqualifiers below.

We will call you when your license is ready to be picked up. You will not receive your license the day you apply (new or renewal). Please wait at least 1 week before checking on the status of your application. It is your responsibility to pick up your license once it is completed. You are permitted to make arrangements for a designated person to pick it up if you cannot do so yourself. Your license will only be mailed if you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope at the time of application.

Do NOT bring your firearm with you to apply, or when picking up your license.

Helpful Documents:

CCW Disqualifier List

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Ohio Concealed Carry Handbook – Revised 3/21/2017

Reciprocity Map – Updated 1/1/17