Sheriff Barerra is statutorily responsible for jail operations. In the interest of the public, it is the goal of the Sheriff to operate the jail in a safe, secure and efficient manner while meeting or exceeding Minimum Jail Standards promulgated by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. Lt. Brown oversees all aspects of the Highland County Jail. The jail is currently in compliance with applicable standards and has maintained this status throughout Sheriff Barerra’s term in office.


It is the intent of the Sheriff to fulfill his statutory obligations in a way that is humane and impartial to inmates, provides protection to the community, and ensures the efficient use of resources. Lt. Brown oversees the security/operations of the jail. The jail employs approximately 100 trained civilian and security personnel. Necessary services are provided by certified or, in applicable cases, licensed professional personnel. The jail processes about 7,000 inmates a year, and has an average daily population of about 300 inmates.

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